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Do the Koko Motion

Tricia Kilgore knows a thing or two about nutrition and exercise. Before obtaining the Knoxville franchise rights for Koko FitClub, she worked in nursing and saw firsthand the effects of obesity on the body. In my interview with Tricia, I … Continue reading

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Jared’s Eats

Jared Fogle stopped by the radio studios yesterday to promote Subway Restaurants’ Fit for Life 15 Day Challenge. Earlier in the day, Jared visited two elementary schools to ask students to track their food intake, exercise and time spent on … Continue reading

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Katz Food

Dr. David Katz, inventor of the NuVal Nutritional Scoring System, visited Knoxville last month. Katz is a dynamic speaker who is passionate about nutrition and exercise. Before appearing at a free symposium sponsored by Food City and UT Medical Center, … Continue reading

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Sweet Cred

Easter candy is proving irresistible to me. Without the kids around to eat some, there is too much of it here that I want. In an effort to partially counteract the jelly beans and dark-chocolate M&Ms, I have switched from … Continue reading


Big League Chew

The lush lawn of World’s Fair Park was the setting for the first Families in the Kitchen festival sponsored by the Junior League of Knoxville on Sunday. The exhibits and demonstrations promoted diet and exercise to combat childhood obesity. Food … Continue reading

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Soy un Perdedor

East Tennessee has a pretty good track record of providing memorable contestants to unscripted (a/k/a “reality”) TV shows. Ashley and Sherry Johnston of Knoxville competed on the most recent season of “The Biggest Loser.” Ashley lost 49.93% of her starting … Continue reading

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Pivot Point

The unlikely combination of a British chef, Ryan Seacrest and a West Virginia town has me hooked. I’ve been watching “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” a show produced by Seacrest that hopes to reduce obesity in Huntington, WV. An article in … Continue reading

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