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Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

Jersey Boys began an eight-performance run at the Tennessee Theatre on Tuesday night. My wife and I went to the show, as did many others. In fact, we didn’t notice any empty seats. AC Entertainment sent an email to the radio … Continue reading

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Die Job

Between the title and the following synopsis, there was no doubt that the musical comedy A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder would interest me. As a kid, some of my favorite books were Murder in Mesopotamia and Murder Must Advertise. … Continue reading

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Go Neil Go!

What’s the point in watching the Tony Awards? I asked myself that question last night. My only exposure to any of these Broadway shows will likely be during the telecast of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. If I see a … Continue reading

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The Anvil Eye

The Flying Anvil Theatre’s production of “Forbidden Knoxville Goes Psycho” isn’t just good, it’s great. It’s amazing to realize the amount of bizarre news stories that emanate from East Tennessee and are so ripe for satire. State Senator Stacey Campfield, … Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentlemen…

Nashville Improv Company and Shenanigans taught us something. Both troupes have more than twice as many members as Einstein Simplified. The Nashville group sent only five of their fifteen members to the Gatlinburg Improv Fest. The Lee University group had … Continue reading

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Thrice Is Nice

The red interior of Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre gave a weird tint to my pictures of the Gatlinburg Improv Fest. I like them better as black-and-white photos.    Einstein Simplified performed three times during the Fest. We did a 45-minute … Continue reading

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On the Jam

An improv jam session can be intimidating, even for an experienced improviser. After watching an excellent performance by members of the Nashville Improv Company, I felt some butterflies when taking the stage to perform with them last night during the … Continue reading

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Gif Registry

 The full schedule for the second annual Gatlinburg Improv Fest will be announced today. Once again, the Fest will be held at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre. There will be three shows on Friday, March 8 and three shows on Saturday, March 9. Showtimes … Continue reading

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There’s Plastic on the Furniture

There would be no “Beauty and the Beast” or “The Little Mermaid” without “Little Shop of Horrors.” Two of Disney’s most beloved films owe their success to the songwriting team of Howard Ashman and Alan Menken. In 1982, Ashman and … Continue reading

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Not Your Average Joe

The misidentification of Colonel Shy is a story that Dr. Bill Bass has told countless times. I’ve heard it dozens of times myself. Therefore, it was odd to hear a New York actor (Greg McFadden) put on a Southern accent … Continue reading

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Rockin’ Fig

During the Depression, the Barter Theatre accepted fruits and vegetables as payment for admission to their shows. I worked in the box office when the Barter players had a season in residence at George Mason University. We only took cash, … Continue reading


Work du Ballet

Twenty years ago when I went to see Cirque du Soleil in a tent on the beach in Santa Monica, I made the mistake of expecting a circus. Last night at Thompson-Boling Arena, my expectation was a night of artistic … Continue reading


The Phantom Knows

In the days before DVRs, I would have popped out the tab on the VHS tape immediately after recording “The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall”. Now, I wonder how long I will have room to save … Continue reading


Vladivostok Rock

Trans-Siberian Orchestra founder Paul O’Neill said, “In my opinion, Mozart was the world’s first rock star and Beethoven was the world’s heavy metal star.” The quote was included in the TV special “Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Birth of Rock Theatre” which … Continue reading

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