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A Batman a Day

As of the sixth day of the new year, I have watched the first six episodes of Batman: The Complete Television Series on my smartphone. My family gave me the Blu-ray box set for Christmas even though we don’t have … Continue reading

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Light Years

The lighting display at the hardware store made me think. How many more times will I need to buy light bulbs? Advances in technology have resulted in modern bulbs with a life expectancy of ten or twenty years. If they keep developing … Continue reading

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Emcee You in September

Photographers Scott Maentz and Stephanie Richer took hundreds of photos at the Diocese of Knoxville Homecoming Celebration on Saturday. My wife and I are in several of their pictures. I was the emcee during the day’s family-oriented activities. My wife … Continue reading

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It was twenty-five minutes before Aleric Heck of AppFind mentioned that the iPhone actually makes telephone calls. I watched his thirty-nine minute “Complete Beginners Guide” on the iPhone 5S and had to laugh when he finally mentioned the app that makes calls. YouTube … Continue reading

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Designed to Cell

Cell phone towers were always considered to be eyesores. I wonder if that is still true. At some point will the ugly cell phone tower be seen as a beautiful beacon of connectivity? The more we rely on our smartphones for everything, the … Continue reading

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Permission Slip

According to multiple articles, it was a matter of when, not if, I would have to do a factory reset on my smartphone. It was running a little slow but the real indicator was the phone’s inability to update apps. … Continue reading

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What’s This?

The only other people in the theater got up and left. I assume they wanted to watch the regular version of The Nightmare Before Christmas, not the “Second Screen Live” version that my wife and I were there to see. … Continue reading


X Factor

The cable company offered me the chance to upgrade my DVR when I reduced my cable service. I took them up on it and have been getting accustomed to the X1 Platform. The new machine can record four shows at … Continue reading

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Chrome Aquí

When the screen on my Chromebook failed last month, I called Samsung and asked them what to do. They told me to pack it up in something other than the original box and send it to them, using a pre-paid … Continue reading

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Computer problems plague everyone at one time or another. I wasn’t expecting them to plague me so soon. I bought a Google Chromebook last November from Amazon.com. It’s worked well until one day this past week. When I turned it … Continue reading

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You Are What You Tweet

Having a smartphone has made it easier for me to read the timelines on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. However, I find that I post less often because I get frustrated when trying to write and edit text. Over the … Continue reading

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Holy Smoke

When black smoke billowed from the Sistene Chapel chimney this afternoon, I was watching it live on my smartphone via The Pope App. I read about the app yesterday on Whispers in the Loggia, a very popular Catholic blog. The … Continue reading

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Cremation ‘n’ Burial Companies

Last night CNBC broadcast an extremely interesting program called “Death: It’s a Living.” The hour-long show was reported by Tyler Mathisen. A representative from the Aurora Casket Company said the biggest trend in caskets is personalization. The colors of their metal caskets … Continue reading

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The one-month free trial of SwiftKey expired just as I was getting the hang of it. I could still type with it but I could no longer auto-complete the words I was planning to write. Rather than spend $4 on … Continue reading

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