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A Batman a Day

As of the sixth day of the new year, I have watched the first six episodes of Batman: The Complete Television Series on my smartphone. My family gave me the Blu-ray box set for Christmas even though we don’t have … Continue reading

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Sitting Up With

Family members had started gathering for Christmas dinner when the call came from one of my brothers-in-law that our mother-in-law had passed away. He was at the nursing home with his wife and my wife. Although we all knew the … Continue reading

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Glove and Special Sauce

 During winter months, smartphone users can wear special gloves that work with their touchscreens. My wife and I saw a catalog ad for a product that turns any gloves into smartphone gloves. I joked that I should try putting Nanotips on … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Blues

Cyber Monday did not go as planned for my family. My wife and son have been looking to upgrade their smartphones for some time. They were waiting to see what kind of discount they could get on Black Friday or Cyber … Continue reading

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Standard & Pours

One of the best cups of coffee you can get is a “pour-over.” I discovered this a year-and-a-half ago when I went to a Starbucks in the evening after they had stopped brewing dark roast coffee for the day. They … Continue reading

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Two radio listeners contacted me over the weekend, one via Facebook and one via Twitter. In the course of our online conversations, they both mentioned that they missed hearing me on the radio in the morning. In both cases, I … Continue reading

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“Ready for My Croaks-Up”

The frog on my pool deck didn’t seem the least bit perturbed by my presence. I heard him croaking in the dark one night last week. Using the flashlight function on my phone, I located him and then I sat … Continue reading

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It was twenty-five minutes before Aleric Heck of AppFind mentioned that the iPhone actually makes telephone calls. I watched his thirty-nine minute “Complete Beginners Guide” on the iPhone 5S and had to laugh when he finally mentioned the app that makes calls. YouTube … Continue reading

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Peep Wrangler

For all my talk about Marshmallow Peeps brûlée, you would think that I eat them all the time. In reality, I made them for only the second time tonight. They were just as good as the first time, which was four … Continue reading


Designed to Cell

Cell phone towers were always considered to be eyesores. I wonder if that is still true. At some point will the ugly cell phone tower be seen as a beautiful beacon of connectivity? The more we rely on our smartphones for everything, the … Continue reading

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Permission Slip

According to multiple articles, it was a matter of when, not if, I would have to do a factory reset on my smartphone. It was running a little slow but the real indicator was the phone’s inability to update apps. … Continue reading

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Food Cartography

On my recent trips to Washington, I downloaded a smartphone app called TV Food Maps. It has the potential to improve upon something I already do. For example, I chose which restaurants to visit in St. Louis by searching the websites … Continue reading

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There was a specific type of laminated prayer card that my wife was seeking at the National Shrine gift shop. She had promised to bring one home for someone in Tennessee. While she browsed through the collection of cards, I … Continue reading

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You Are What You Tweet

Having a smartphone has made it easier for me to read the timelines on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. However, I find that I post less often because I get frustrated when trying to write and edit text. Over the … Continue reading

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