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Espresso Yourself

 By the time my wife and I arrived at Cracker Barrel, I was so ready for coffee that I took pictures of items that mentioned my morning drug. The sayings on the bookcase sign and coffee mug in the store … Continue reading

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Hardee Boys

Although I didn’t get what I wanted at Hardee’s, I did get a nice surprise. I went to a Hardee’s restaurant on Kingston Pike with the intention of buying a turkey burger. The staff told me that turkey burgers were … Continue reading

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New Moon

Before taking a MoonPie, I asked the convenience store sales clerks twice to be sure. The treats were, in fact, free at the new Weigel’s in LaFollette during the grand opening celebration. I was interested in sampling a new flavor, … Continue reading

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Glazer Pointer

The Weigel’s store in LaFollette sells a grilled cheese sandwich made with a glazed doughnut. I learned about the “Sweet Glazer” on their Facebook page as I was preparing to do a remote broadcast from the store. When I got … Continue reading

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Booyah or Nah?

Because of everything else that happened in December, I almost forgot that my car window came off its track on Christmas Day while I was in the DC area. The same thing had happened to the driver’s side window last … Continue reading

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Does Eat Oats

Starbucks has been offering me bonus stars for certain purchases. Every time I earn twelve stars, I get a free drink. One of their recent offers promised two free stars with the purchase of a breakfast item. I often get … Continue reading

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Car Pray Diem

Fr. Michael Woods delivered a presentation about the Home Campaign before each of the Masses at All Saints on Sunday. He chose to speak about the fundraising effort before Mass instead of talking about it during his homily. To stay on … Continue reading

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Ready for Twenty Figteen

  When the sales clerk at Dollywood finished wrapping my purchase, it looked like a burrito or sub sandwich. In fact, it was a jar of Fig Spread. My wife spotted the product as I was reading the ingredients on … Continue reading

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Bam Bambi

When the phone rings at 5:15 in the morning, it’s usually bad news. In fact, the first thing I said was “what’s wrong?” when my wife called me at 5:15 a.m. on December 16. She had hit a deer on … Continue reading

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Light Years

The lighting display at the hardware store made me think. How many more times will I need to buy light bulbs? Advances in technology have resulted in modern bulbs with a life expectancy of ten or twenty years. If they keep developing … Continue reading

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Holly Jolly Dolly

Today was the last day of the season at Dollywood. The theme park is now closed until March. During the park’s Smoky Mountain Christmas festival, they featured characters from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. In the Reindeer Games area, I saw an … Continue reading

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Going to the Ball

Some people go to a ball on New Year’s Eve. I’m fortunate that the ball comes to me. For the second year, I was privileged to emcee the year-end countdown in Knoxville’s Market Square. Whitney Good of WATE-TV interviewed me on … Continue reading

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Juju’s Mettle

Walking into the Carlyle Club felt like walking onto the set of a 1930s or ’40s movie. I half expected the Haynes Sisters to show up and do a number. The art-deco themed club is located in Alexandria, Virginia. In a … Continue reading

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Pas des Oeufs

After the funeral Mass for my mother-in-law, my wife and two of her sisters went to their mother’s house to pick up a few things. In one box, they discovered a music box shaped like an egg. When you wind … Continue reading

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