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Nalgene Therapy

After years of use, I noticed a crack in my Nalgene water bottle the other day. I had heard that they might replace broken bottles. Sure enough, I found the following notice on their Facebook page: For Nalgene replacements broken … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Blues

Cyber Monday did not go as planned for my family. My wife and son have been looking to upgrade their smartphones for some time. They were waiting to see what kind of discount they could get on Black Friday or Cyber … Continue reading

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Six on Your Side Splitters

Side Splitters Comedy Club is asking for help. On Sunday, they used social media to spread the word that they really need people to show up this coming weekend. My friend Bridgette Martin, who works at Side Splitters, got my … Continue reading

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Home Improvement

The Diocese of Knoxville unveiled its plans for a new cathedral on Sunday. Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish hosted a picnic on the lawn and parking lot where the new cathedral will be built. Different tents housed artists’ renderings of the … Continue reading

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Broadway Octocular!

Perhaps some movie or TV show made me anxious about the four binoculars in my luggage. Perhaps it was the process of buying them in the hunting department at Walmart. A couple of months ago, I purchased balcony seats for the June 7 … Continue reading

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In a Mays -ment

Choosing a Broadway play was easy. I picked the one with “murder” in the title. Back in March, my wife and I looked up the list of shows that were likely to be playing in June. Popular shows like Wicked … Continue reading

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Comedy Impod

In episode 24 of the Einstein Simplified podcast, I told the story of the time I was exercising at midnight at Koko FitClub. That’s when the lights went out and the alarm sounded. I also talked about buying gift cards … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Football

The confirmation of the rumor that Boomsday 2014 and the Vols’ home opener would switch days made me happy. Having Boomsday on a Saturday means that I get two days off in a row on Labor Day weekend. It’s unusual for … Continue reading

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Per Annum

Frank Jr. got his gifts in the mail a couple of days ago but he waited until his birthday to open them. He also waited until my wife and I could watch via a Google+ Hangout. In addition to the … Continue reading

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Rewarding Behavior

It’s surprising how many of my friends love Starbucks yet don’t know about the Starbucks Rewards program. They get downright starry eyed when I show them my Gold Card and tell them my strategy for loading it. Many local supermarkets offer … Continue reading

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Hack of a Deal

Professional hacker Mark Burnette had a lot of great advice for Cyber Monday during Sunday’s broadcast of The East Tennessee Report. Of course, his advice would be helpful any time of year. One of his main points was to not click … Continue reading

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Next Window Please

It is rare that I go to a drive-thru. Usually I prefer to go inside whatever fast-food restaurant or coffee shop I happen to be patronizing. I didn’t pack a lunch the other day. I figured I could make a … Continue reading

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Hail Cecil

Krisha Newport and I were talking about the upcoming Host with the Most competition. At this point, she is the only female contestant. As we chatted, Krisha was licking a Charms Blow Pop. I found it unusual that she dipped the lollipop … Continue reading

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Chair Lift

Sacred Heart Cathedral held a town hall meeting on Sunday to update parishioners on the master plan for expansion. Fr. David Boettner unveiled the site design by local architects BarberMcMurry and liturgical architect Duncan G. Stroik. Bishop Richard Stika made some remarks … Continue reading

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