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I Spry

The word spry amuses me. A member of the improv group Ponch! called me spry on my 51st birthday because I jumped over a row of seats at their theatre in Frederick, Maryland. I was walking to my car after this week’s … Continue reading

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Consumers’ Cellular

A security team bagged and tagged the audience’s cell phones at the preview screening of “Hope Springs” on Monday night. Like at a coat check, the movie fans were given numbered tags to identify which brown paper bag held their … Continue reading


CW, as in Catwoman?

“The Dark Knight Rises” comes out on Friday. A new Batman movie means there is plenty to read and to watch to get in the mood. The new Entertainment Weekly has great interviews about the film with Christian Bale and … Continue reading

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Bird Up

A magazine called Chronogram tagged me on Facebook by mistake. They got me mixed up with a Hudson Valley bird watcher named Frank Murphy. Here’s what they posted on their Facebook page: Follow bird-call expert Frank Murphy as he navigates … Continue reading

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Deep Southampton

Almost any show about the Hamptons will grab my attention. I fell in love with the area a long time ago when my family went to Noyac each year for vacation. No trip was complete without a visit to the … Continue reading

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And Rage Against Machines

The cover of the June issue of Storm Taylor’s One Eighty Magazine took on the look of a wanted poster when I photographed it against a wooden background. It’s funny to see my name on there along with Ace Frehley. … Continue reading

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Obscure Little Research Facility

Jon Jefferson and Dr. Bill Bass autographed each of their first four Body Farm novels when I interviewed them about the books. Because our interview for “The Bone Thief” was recorded before the finished products were back from the printer, … Continue reading

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