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Bran Recognition

A simple question turned into an unexpected and delightful conversation. On Saturday morning, I did a remote broadcast on WNOX from the Publix Super Market in Turkey Creek. We had a steady stream of listeners who had heard the broadcast on … Continue reading

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Today in HIStory

It’s been five years since Michael Jackson died. I was on the air on Star 102.1 that afternoon and I told my listeners that they would probably remember where they were when they heard the news. I had two close … Continue reading

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Reaching for the Stars

As legendary deejay Casey Kasem lives his final days, I am reminded of happier times. In 1989, Casey left ABC Radio Network’s American Top 40 and joined Westwood One to start Casey’s Top 40. In Washington, our competitor WRQX carried … Continue reading

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Shooting the Roq

It was uncomfortable to watch myself attempt to play basketball, even if the footage was from 18 years ago. I was so bad that the audience chanted my name every time I touched the ball as if it would somehow … Continue reading

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Designed to Cell

Cell phone towers were always considered to be eyesores. I wonder if that is still true. At some point will the ugly cell phone tower be seen as a beautiful beacon of connectivity? The more we rely on our smartphones for everything, the … Continue reading

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Cemental Journey

Members of my family sometimes use me as a reference library. They’ll call or write to ask a question, especially if it’s about pop culture. My sister was visiting Los Angeles yesterday. A few hours before experiencing an earthquake, she … Continue reading

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Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

Tom Arnold said I gave him new information during our interview on Friday. I told him my story about meeting Matt Drudge when Drudge was the gossipy sales clerk in the gift shop on the studio lot where they filmed … Continue reading


Past Progressive

Bobby Slayton is coming to Knoxville in a few weeks. I haven’t seen him since the days of the Comedy World Radio Network, where he hosted a nighttime show. I will get to interview him before his shows at Side … Continue reading

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The South Face

This past July, my wife and I attended a progressive dinner called Dishcrawl Knoxville. The hostess was Ashley Shelton, who also works as an actress and is married to an actor named Linds Edwards. Recently, Ashley has been getting some … Continue reading

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Twitter and Glitter

Awards shows, such as the Grammys, are perfect for live-tweeting. During the three-hour-and-forty-five-minute broadcast, I wrote almost 40 tweets about the show, which is nothing compared to many of my friends. One of my tweets that got the most reaction … Continue reading

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Dom in Nation

A year ago, Dom Irrera did a surprise set during open-mic night at Side Splitters Comedy Club. My wife and I happened to be there to see it. I knew it was one of the things I wanted to ask … Continue reading

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“That’s a Tough Note”

Rory Albanese is the former executive producer of The Daily Show. He says he left the show not because the grass would be greener elsewhere, but because he was ready to go out on his own and try tending to a … Continue reading

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Museum Piece

Writing about The War of the Worlds prompted me to search for KLOS in the database of The Paley Center for Media. I found a reference to the live broadcast we did on the Mark & Brian Show in 1997, … Continue reading

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WOTW, Grover’s Mill

This week’s episode of American Experience on PBS commemorates the 75th anniversary of the classic 1938 radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds. I watched the show, as well as some great bonus footage, on the show’s website. I … Continue reading

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