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Christmas Cheers

The recording of Frank Jr. reciting “A Visit from St. Nicholas” is now of legal drinking age. Our family listens to the story every year at this time. It occurred to us that it has been twenty-one years (and two … Continue reading

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Watch for Falling Jocks

On most mornings, I take a look at Twitter and Instagram before I get out of bed. Today, I was startled to see a video of my good friend Bean falling off the stage last night at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic … Continue reading

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Camping Out

Zeke Piestrup worked his way up from the bottom at KROQ. When I worked there, he was a promotions assistant. He would drive the van to events, hang banners and hand out prizes. He later got an on-air shift, focusing … Continue reading

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Full Tilt Boogie

A fellow named Boogerman made me laugh a long time ago when he sang a funny version of the Lucky Charms jingle at a St. Patrick’s Day KROQ remote broadcast. He wrote to me three years ago to express his … Continue reading

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Needing Pardo

“Hello Frank? This is Don Pardo calling.” I was thrilled but confused. The man with the famous voice said he was returning my call. We soon figured out that a pink phone-message slip intended for Bill Wendell had been placed … Continue reading

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Today in HIStory

It’s been five years since Michael Jackson died. I was on the air on Star 102.1 that afternoon and I told my listeners that they would probably remember where they were when they heard the news. I had two close … Continue reading

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Shooting the Roq

It was uncomfortable to watch myself attempt to play basketball, even if the footage was from 18 years ago. I was so bad that the audience chanted my name every time I touched the ball as if it would somehow … Continue reading

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Comedian Brad Williams is a frequent guest on the Kevin & Bean show at KROQ in Los Angeles. When he arrived at WNOX today, I asked him about his upcoming trip to Brazil with Kevin Ryder for the World Cup. … Continue reading


Bodden’s Well

Alonzo Bodden won the grand prize on Last Comic Standing’s “Battle of the Best” in 2004. He’s in town to headline at Side Splitters Comedy Club and stopped by for an interview on the Classic Hits 93.1  Comedy Couch. A … Continue reading

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Barrel Rolling Deep

The menu at Cracker Barrel features items such as Grandpa’s Country Fried Breakfast and Uncle Herschel’s Favorite. However, if you want a smaller meal consisting of only two eggs, two pieces of bacon (or sausage) and two pancakes, they will … Continue reading

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The Flipnotist

Comic hypnotist Flip Orley was interested to hear about my wife’s experience with being hypnotized. It started when she was in college and was hypnotized by James Mapes. Flip was my guest on the Classic Hits 93.1 Comedy Couch. As … Continue reading

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Dom in Nation

A year ago, Dom Irrera did a surprise set during open-mic night at Side Splitters Comedy Club. My wife and I happened to be there to see it. I knew it was one of the things I wanted to ask … Continue reading

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Museum Piece

Writing about The War of the Worlds prompted me to search for KLOS in the database of The Paley Center for Media. I found a reference to the live broadcast we did on the Mark & Brian Show in 1997, … Continue reading

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Buddy to the Max

Jon Rosner tweeted me with an amazing find. It was a behind-the-scenes video of the late Wesley Willis in the KROQ studio. Kevin & Bean, Carl Caprioglio and I are also seen and heard. Bean is asking Wesley about Sublime but … Continue reading

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