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Logan’s Run

After the Knoxville Symphony concert on Friday night, my wife and I walked to Market Square. A singing competition called CTE Goes Live was underway on the outdoor stage. CTE stands for Career Technical Education. Students from fifteen Knox County high … Continue reading

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Heart and Soil

When Dr. Dawnie Steadman spoke to the FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy Alumni Association last year, I was impressed with her dedication to forensic human rights investigations. Before joining the University of Tennessee as director of the Forensic Anthropology Center, Dr. Steadman had accumulated … Continue reading

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Zeroing In

Dr. Jeff Fairbrother asked me to speak to his Freshman Seminar at the University of Tennessee. The class is titled, “Going from Zero to Hero: How to Get Better at (Almost) Anything.” In his email, Jeff wrote: The freshman seminar … Continue reading

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Sticking Point

Students from the UT Culinary Institute served S’mores on a Stick at the Women Today Expo over the weekend. Each marshmallow was hand-dipped in chocolate, then rolled in graham cracker crumbs. The confections were served in plastic cups with bits … Continue reading

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Gif Registry

 The full schedule for the second annual Gatlinburg Improv Fest will be announced today. Once again, the Fest will be held at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre. There will be three shows on Friday, March 8 and three shows on Saturday, March 9. Showtimes … Continue reading

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Bulldog Addition

At this year’s St. Joseph School Mardi Gras party, each table got its own cake for dessert. Like a traditional king cake, it was decorated with Mardi Gras colors. Eight of the cakes contained a hidden trinket. I was lucky … Continue reading

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A Wish in the Well

Alex is a Special Olympics golfer. Over the years, his family has become friends with my family. His parents invited us to join them for a traditional Canadian meal and family game night around Christmastime the past two years. In 2010, I … Continue reading


Watch Out for That Tree

One of the drummers was banging on a stop sign. Another percussed upon a kitchen sink as she marched past the camera. I had always heard that the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band was unusual but I got a … Continue reading

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Stock of Knowledge

Art Bohanan got some good news on Tuesday night. The Jefferson County Board of Zoning Appeals will allow Bohanan to proceed with his plans to donate a portion of his property to Carson-Newman University for forensic research. The small-scale body … Continue reading

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Farm Bureau

Nathan and Kathleen Robinson of Scrumps Cupcakes were surprised to learn that there is a photo of their store on BoneZones.com. In May, I asked the Robinsons to donate some Death by Chocolate cupcakes to the FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy … Continue reading

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The acronym NIMBY means “not in my backyard.” Forensic expert Art Bohanan has the exact opposite view. He donated land behind his own home to Carson-Newman for their new Environmental Forensics Program. The land will be used to study how … Continue reading


Camp Decomp

What’s the difference between a travel trailer and a camper trailer? I had to look it up. A camper trailer or tent trailer pops up whereas a travel trailer does not. A fifth-wheel attaches to the bed of a pickup … Continue reading

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Uncovering a Cover-Up

CNN and NPR both ran stories about Florida’s Dozier School for Boys on Monday. The real-life school served as the inspiration for the fictional reform school in the 2011 Body Farm novel, “The Bone Yard.” There are links to additional … Continue reading

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Serve and Volley

A friend sent me a story from The New York Times that she knew I would enjoy. The headline was “A Master of Improv, Writing Twitter’s Script.” The article is a profile of Dick Costolo, who became CEO of Twitter … Continue reading

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