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Gummy Dare

Walmart had the perfect snack for me to enjoy during Sunday night’s DVR-assisted doubleheader of “Dexter” and “The Walking Dead.” I eagerly bought a bag of Candy Body Parts on Sunday morning. Obviously, I will give most of  the individually-wrapped … Continue reading

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Gripping Good

Several episodes of “Breaking Bad” were backed up on my DVR. I watched three over the weekend and the final three on Monday. I had planned on watching one episode, maybe just half an episode, before my nap yesterday. When … Continue reading

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Open the Pod Bay Doors

A lonely TiVo demanded my attention Tuesday night. The machine sits in my office, unused since I got a high-definition DVR in the living room. It took me 24 hours to diagnose the problem and unplug the troublemaker. I was … Continue reading

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Feed the World

Knoxville and food will be featured on two very different telecasts within 27 hours. Last night, NBC Nightly News reported on The Love Kitchen, a great organization that ministers to the 5 Hs: the hungry, the homeless, the helpless, the … Continue reading

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Delayed Viewing Ratio

The list of most-recorded shows during premiere week got me thinking about my own DVR. I was one of the 3.374 million people who recorded the premiere of “Hawaii Five-0” and watched it within a week. In fact, I started … Continue reading