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Stand Out in a Crowd

In honor of the late Michael Jackson’s birthday on Thursday, Oh No Fiasco posted their cover version of “I Want You Back.” It a matter of days, it has tens of thousands of hits on YouTube. thanks to being featured … Continue reading

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CHR with HCR

Ryan Follesé and Nash Overstreet from the band Hot Chelle Rae dropped by Star 102.1 on Thursday afternoon. They were only passing through town on their way to a gig elsewhere. As you can hear in the podcast link below, … Continue reading

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A Canadian band called Walk off the Earth has been racking up big numbers on YouTube with a cover of “I Knew You Were Trouble.” They uploaded the video on New Year’s Day. It caught my attention because they do the … Continue reading

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Fate and Switch

The original lyrics to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” were darker and more brooding than the ones we know today. I remember reading about it in Entertainment Weekly several years ago. The song was written for the musical “Meet Me in … Continue reading

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Yentl Soup

The audience at Monday’s preview of “The Guilt Trip” seemed to be mostly there to see Barbra Streisand. My wife and I imagined a scenario where grown children are home for the holidays and looking for something to do. Their parents … Continue reading

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Egg Nog a-Fog Foggin’

Christmas music is on my mind this week. On Wednesday night, I enjoyed watching the annual “Christmas in Rockefeller Center” broadcast. Today I listened to the new “Now That’s What I Call Today’s Christmas” album. I also happened to click … Continue reading

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Blue Cheese

To fully appreciate a parody song, you need to be familiar with the original. Weird Al Yankovic’s parodies sound almost identical to the song he’s mocking, except for the lyrics. Richard Cheese does the opposite. He keeps the lyrics the … Continue reading

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Fred Rockin’

Conventional wisdom suggests that classical musicians take lessons while rock musicians are self-taught. The movie “School of Rock” revolves around the premise of kids learning rock music instead of traditional orchestral pieces. I found a real school of rock when … Continue reading

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Peabody Duck

The obituaries for Donald “Duck” Dunn highlight the fact that he was revered in the music business. When I first saw “The Blues Brothers,” I didn’t realize that Dunn, Steve Cropper and the other band members were famous musicians. After … Continue reading


Not Going to Be Ignored

A brief excerpt of “I Will Follow Him” on Weekend Edition sent me straight to the Internet to hear more. NPR hadn’t changed their format to Oldies. Instead of Little Peggy March, the artist was Lady Rizo. The clip aired … Continue reading

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Jinkies, Jenkins!

As more and more viewers of “Dancing with the Stars” jump aboard the Katherine Jenkins bandwagon, I can point to a year-old blog post that I wrote about her singing voice. I have enough credit on my Amazon.com account to … Continue reading

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Brightly Everywhere

While flipping stations on my WiFi clock radio on Sunday night, I heard KOST-FM play a remix of the modern Christmas classic, “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” One of the voices was obviously Mariah Carey. I guessed that … Continue reading

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Zooey Tycoon

Christmas creep presents a dilemma for me each year. On the one hand, I think it’s too soon for Christmas decorations to be displayed in stores or outside homes. Yesterday, I drove by in slack-jawed amazement when I saw one … Continue reading

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With a Rebel Yell

It seems like most events in East Tennessee are scheduled so they do not conflict with University of Tennessee football games. One of the biggest festivals in the area goes against that conventional wisdom. The Foothills Fall Festival draws tens … Continue reading

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