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Myranda Rights

Actress and model Myranda M. was in the audience at Scruffy City Hall to see Einstein Simplified on Tuesday night. She told a story on stage about starring in an episode of Fatal Attraction, which is produced by Jupiter Entertainment. She … Continue reading

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New Moon

Before taking a MoonPie, I asked the convenience store sales clerks twice to be sure. The treats were, in fact, free at the new Weigel’s in LaFollette during the grand opening celebration. I was interested in sampling a new flavor, … Continue reading

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Glazer Pointer

The Weigel’s store in LaFollette sells a grilled cheese sandwich made with a glazed doughnut. I learned about the “Sweet Glazer” on their Facebook page as I was preparing to do a remote broadcast from the store. When I got … Continue reading

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Bowyer, Fletcher & Smith

A listener named Diane stopped by my remote broadcast at Weigel’s in Newport last week. She gave me an arrowhead that she found in the lake-bed of Douglas Lake when the water level was low. As you can imagine, I was … Continue reading

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Gram Cracker

For the second time in 72 hours, I found myself on someone’s Instagram feed. On Saturday, my friend Krisha posted a surreptitious video of me dancing at work. On Tuesday, Natalie Lester of Moxley Carmichael public relations posted a video … Continue reading

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At the Eleventh Hour

A 7-Eleven store is closing. Not just any old 7-Eleven, but the 7-Eleven on Lee Highway at George Mason Drive in Arlington, Virginia. It’s the 7-Eleven to which my good friend Bean and I would take the “Walk of Life” … Continue reading

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The best “Rice Krispies Treats” I ever had contained no Rice Krispies. One of my brothers-in-law used Kamut Puffs to make a healthier version of the treats. The worst version of the treats I ever tried contained Fruity Pebbles. They … Continue reading

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Ghostess Brands

People who don’t eat snack cakes are mourning the news that Hostess is going out of business. I saw several Facebook and Twitter posts that lamented the loss of Twinkies, even though the writers admitted that they hadn’t eaten one … Continue reading



Cala what? I had never heard of calamondin until I got a call from an acquaintance named Steve who offered to give me a calamondin cake that his sister made in Florida. She runs a business called Calamondin Café. Wikipedia … Continue reading

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Soar Stomach

How old is too old to ride roller coasters? The AARP says you’re never too old. I’m not sure that I agree. I have very much enjoyed zip-lining in recent years but roller coasters may have passed me by. Although … Continue reading

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Zahn Meditation

A tragic Knoxville murder was the subject of an hour-long report on the Investigation Discovery show “On the Case with Paula Zahn” last night. It’s been seven years since Johnia Berry was stabbed in her apartment. I often think of … Continue reading

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Déjà Street View

Bean was surprised to see another 7-Eleven on Hollywood Way. It was new since the last time he was in Burbank. He was driving from the Weenie Roast to Bob Hope Airport when he spotted it. Because it looked different … Continue reading

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Sheetz and Grins

When traveling outside the realm of Weigel’s and Pilot, my wife and I have to choose a different convenience store. Sometimes we go to 7-Eleven for old time’s sake but lately we find that we prefer Wawa, QuikTrip and Sheetz. … Continue reading

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Monkey See, Monkey Dew

It turned out that the joke was on the people who didn’t believe me. When the social media representative for Weigel’s contacted me about giving away Monkey Ice at a tweetup, I picked April Fools’ Day for the event. Several … Continue reading

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