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Batkini Traffic School

The original Batmobile is in one of the family photos that my daughter and son used to decorate the tables at my wife’s surprise party. While working at Power 106, I had the opportunity to meet and interview George Barris, … Continue reading


New Bat Channel

“Batman” may never make it to DVD but the classic TV series has made it to HD, sort of. The Hub network broadcasts episodes of my favorite show four nights a week at 11:30 p.m. They zoom in until the … Continue reading

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Cee Loberace or Liberacee Lo?

How do you explain Twitter to your grandmother? Or more specifically, how will I explain Twitter to my grandmother? I want to tell my 98-year-old grandma that I got a tweet from the Liberace Museum. She was a big fan … Continue reading

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Price Club

St. Louisans are celebrating the 100th birthday of Vincent Price this week. The cleverly named Vincentennial is organized by Cinema St. Louis. If I were visiting St. Louis this week, I would enjoy attending a screening or two. I’ll have … Continue reading

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Sidewalking Tall

Adam West should already have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s surprising that he doesn’t. A lot of lesser luminaries have been honored on the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. In addition to being famous … Continue reading

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The Bat’s Meow

The Star Spangled Banner exhibit at the National Museum of American History has gone high tech. Like many Americans, I remember going to the Smithsonian Institution as a kid and seeing the famous flag hanging in entryway. The current display … Continue reading

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No Kidding

At a family wedding several years ago, one of my cousins said that she thought she had seen footage of me on E!, holding hands with Nicole Kidman and wanted to know why. I had merely offered my hand to … Continue reading

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Batkit Crazy

If Einstein Simplified ever wins the lottery, there are a lot of responsible things I should do with my share. However former member Wes Hope and I may just have to buy a Batmobile instead. We basically agreed to do … Continue reading

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