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A Batman a Day

As of the sixth day of the new year, I have watched the first six episodes of Batman: The Complete Television Series on my smartphone. My family gave me the Blu-ray box set for Christmas even though we don’t have … Continue reading

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Holy Knight!

The Christmas gift I received from my family will bring back many happy memories of my childhood. They gave me the box set of Batman: The Complete Television Series on Blu-ray. The show has always been a favorite of mine. The … Continue reading

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Gotham Revival

Gotham is the new Smallville. Both television shows tell the origin story of a superhero and both are among my favorites. Smallville started strong but ran out of steam in its later seasons. Gotham has only aired two episodes so … Continue reading

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Bat Diamond

 Today was Batman Day, which celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Caped Crusader. While most of the attention is on the 1939 debut of the comic books, I enjoy reading about the 1966 TV series. The big news for TV Bat-fans … Continue reading

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Fanning Booth

The Fanboy Expo is in Knoxville this weekend. I spent a few hours manning the Classic Hits 93.1 booth on Saturday. I’ll be there again today. As a longtime Bat-fan, I enjoyed seeing a replica of the Batmobile. While I … Continue reading

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Knight Vision

The best Halloween costume I ever had was a Batman costume that my mother special ordered from a catalog. The 1960s TV series will always be my favorite version of the caped crusader but I also like the most recent … Continue reading

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Abattoir is a strange word. It means slaughterhouse, which is why a steak house in Atlanta uses the word as its name. They specialize in “whole-animal dining.” Abattoir is also the name of a villain in the Batman comic books. … Continue reading

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Youthful Ward

Superman, Wonder Woman and the Incredible Hulk are featured in tonight’s “Pioneers of Television.” They’re good but I’m most interested in seeing Batman and Robin on the “Superheroes” episode of the PBS show. I hope that the show’s producers did … Continue reading

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Zap! Bid! Pow!

The original 1966 Batmobile goes on the auction block on Saturday. The #1 is the same car that my family and I saw when we visited Barris Kustom Industries in the 1990s. How much do you think it will bring? A million dollars? … Continue reading

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Power of Choice

The midnight attack upon movie-goers in Colorado has caused many of my Facebook friends to express their opinion about guns. My thoughts went not to firearms, but to faith. The 12 who died and the 58 who were injured are … Continue reading


CW, as in Catwoman?

“The Dark Knight Rises” comes out on Friday. A new Batman movie means there is plenty to read and to watch to get in the mood. The new Entertainment Weekly has great interviews about the film with Christian Bale and … Continue reading

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Death-Defying Act

Most people with a programmable coffee maker will set it at night and wake up to fresh coffee. For my birthday, my wife and kids gave me a new Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew programmable coffee maker. I intend to set … Continue reading

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Franchise Players

The Facebook notification said, “John Hudgens has invited you to like his page Backyard Blockbusters.” Knowing John’s history with fan films, I clicked “like” so I could learn more about it. John’s documentary-in-progress is called “Backyard Blockbusters: Adventures in Fan … Continue reading

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On the Batwalk

Adam West posted some very cool pictures on Facebook. They show his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame during its construction. West was presented with the completed star in a sidewalk ceremony yesterday. During his acceptance speech, the “Batman” … Continue reading

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