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Dixie Win

 Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede held a media preview to show off its new set and some of its new show. Those of us who attended were treated to a free lunch that included a tasty rotisserie chicken and their famous … Continue reading

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Bam Bambi

When the phone rings at 5:15 in the morning, it’s usually bad news. In fact, the first thing I said was “what’s wrong?” when my wife called me at 5:15 a.m. on December 16. She had hit a deer on … Continue reading

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Horns and Hard Art

In Northern Virginia, deer are a nuisance. They eat the plants in people’s gardens and often get hit by cars. Because they are so plentiful in the wild, I was surprised to learn that deer farming is catching on in … Continue reading

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It certainly felt like Halloween today. I was still in bed when I heard something strange on WTOP.com. They played an audio clip of Dr. Frankenstein shouting “It’s alive, it’s alive!” Unfortunately, they played it immediately before a commercial for an in … Continue reading

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Glimmer Swimmer

A Walmart store in Bristol, Virginia, has something I haven’t seen in years. They have live tropical fish in tanks that were similar to the displays at the variety stores I remember from childhood. My parents would shop at stores like Woolworth, Kresge, … Continue reading

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Bone Appétit

Dr. Bill Bass did something different for Monday’s “Dinner with the Bone Doctor” at Echo Bistro & Wine Bar. He started his forensic lecture with a quiz. Before the guests arrived, Dr. Bass placed a bone on each table along … Continue reading

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Ranch Dressing

A lengthy article in Oxford American about the Body Ranch at Texas State University in San Marcos pointed out a huge difference between it and the Body Farm in Knoxville. The identity of one of the donors was revealed in a … Continue reading

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The Gecko and the Man

There was a lizard in my studio on Friday. As we were setting up for the Classic Hits 93.1 Comedy Couch interview, my colleague Kyle saw the little creature on the wall in the corner behind the door. It didn’t … Continue reading

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Make a Fish Foundation

The ticket clerk at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies asked if we wanted to purchase a guidebook for $2. I must have hesitated for a moment because my wife said, “No, he doesn’t.” A few minutes later, I surprised my … Continue reading

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Gizzard Awareness

James Sibley rattled off the names of several improv games after our interview ended. He said he used to do improv and that he incorporates “Fill in the Blank” into his stand-up act. James is headlining at Side Splitters Comedy … Continue reading

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Etta May Day

Comedienne Etta May joked that her appearance at Side Splitters Comedy Club this weekend may be her last performance. She is soon headed to the swamps of Florida to film an episode of a hunting show for NBC Sports. She … Continue reading

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Bear Essentials

 Joel Zachry of Appalachian Bear Rescue said he enjoyed our interview on the East Tennessee Report. I did too, so much so that I chose to post a copy of it below. Joel implied that I tired him out with … Continue reading

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“Ready for My Croaks-Up”

The frog on my pool deck didn’t seem the least bit perturbed by my presence. I heard him croaking in the dark one night last week. Using the flashlight function on my phone, I located him and then I sat … Continue reading

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K.D. Language

Komodo Dragons, the world’s largest living lizard, are featured on the Smithsonian Channel’s show Venom Islands. And now here are Bob and Ray to explain why I’ve been interested in Komodo Dragons all these years.

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