Snow Place Like Home

The forecast called for snow, followed by freezing rain on Friday night into Saturday morning. It was supposed to switch to liquid rain after that.

My wife had a performance with the Knoxville Choral Society on Friday night and I was scheduled to do a remote broadcast from the News Sentinel Auto Show on Saturday morning. Rather than risk driving, my wife and I decided to book a hotel room within walking distance of the Tennessee Theatre and the Knoxville Convention Center.

I checked in to the hotel during my lunch break on Friday. After work, my wife and I went to the concert. We walked from the theatre to the hotel, stopping off at my car to get a bag of toiletries from the trunk. We got to our hotel room and watched the snow falling outside. I joked that it was like we were camping, which my wife found to be a ridiculously funny statement.

It was still snowing on Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. The radio station’s marketing director notified me that all remote broadcasts had been canceled for the day due to the dangerous road conditions. My wife and I both took pictures of the snow from our hotel room window and posted them on our Twitter feeds.

Instead of walking to the Auto Show, my wife and I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant. She recognized three of the Stabat Mater soloists eating at another table and tweeted about it. During breakfast, our phones buzzed with notifications that people liked our posts.

After checking out of our room, we found some comfortable chairs where we could wait for the temperature outside to rise. The snow on the roads was turning to slush. As I looked at reports for the weather, I saw my own tweet on the News Sentinel’s website.

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