Ice Isn’t Nice

The ice storm that started on Monday gave me two unexpected vacation days in a row. For my wife, it meant she didn’t have to use a sick day.

The precipitation began while I was taking my wife to the drug store for some medicine. She was scheduled to be off for President’s Day. I was supposed to go to work that afternoon but the roads were already slick by the time I would have gone in.

On Tuesday, her office was closed due to the road conditions. The radio station was open but I stayed home rather than attempt driving on an ice-covered hill.

I briefly ventured outside to sprinkle some ice melting pellets on the driveway. Here’s a picture of the latch to the gate in my fence.

 Later, I took a picture of the late afternoon sun from an upstairs window in the house. The trees had a different look than usual because of their ice-coated twigs.

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