Franklin, My Dear

In episode one of the web series State of Franklin, the main character fights with his estranged wife and her new boyfriend. He ends up getting hit on the head. When he returns home, he sees a flash of lightning and hears a crash of thunder that appear to come from his living room. Inside his locked house, he discovers a naked man who claims to be Benjamin Franklin. We don’t know if the new arrival is crazy or honest or a figment of the main character’s imagination.

I have always enjoyed the idea of historical figures experiencing the present day. Nine years ago, I wrote a blog post about Benjamin Franklin. I wrote that if he could time-travel to the present, I would love to be his tour guide and that I would show him the musical 1776.

I learned about the Mitch Moore’s new web series over the weekend when I read an article about it in Go Knoxville. I was happy to see that Franklin is played by local actor Randy Thompson, an acquaintance of mine who often attends Einstein Simplified shows.

Episode two picks up immediately after episode one. Franklin has just appeared in the living room. I used some of my unplanned vacation time this week to binge watch all five episodes that have been produced so far. Each episode is about ten minutes long.

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