Quiet Please

Most of the independent movie Something, Anything was filmed in Knoxville. My wife and I attended a screening at the Lawson McGhee Library, which was a prominent location in the film. We both enjoyed it and found ourselves discussing the characters and plot on the way home.

I recognized at least five of the movie’s actors, Ashley Shelton, Linds Edwards, Lauren Lazarus, Amy Hubbard and David Dwyer. All five have been mentioned on my blog in the past.

There is very little expository dialogue. Ashley’s character doesn’t speak much at the beginning of the film. As her character deals with a tragedy, she speaks even less. She seeks solace at the library and at the Abbey of Gethsemani in Trappist, Kentucky.

 Writer-director Paul Harrill and producer Ashley Maynor answered questions after the screening. Most of the questions centered on the locations used for filming. They specifically mentioned a scene set at a nightclub in Lexington, Kentucky. Due to logistics, they filmed the scene at the Pilot Light in Knoxville. The rear exterior of the club was actually Magpies Bakery in Knoxville.

Something, Anything – Trailer from Self-Reliant Film on Vimeo.

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