New Moon

Before taking a MoonPie, I asked the convenience store sales clerks twice to be sure. The treats were, in fact, free at the new Weigel’s in LaFollette during the grand opening celebration. I was interested in sampling a new flavor, Salted Caramel.

The free MoonPies were double-deckers, which made them all the more enticing. I liked the caramel color of the coating and had to keep myself from taking a bite before taking a photo.

 I could tell that my MoonPie was fresh by the softness of the cookies. They weren’t dry either. I tasted more caramel than salt, which was okay with me.

I could imagine warming a Salted Caramel MoonPie in the microwave and serving it with ice cream on top. It’s a great way to eat a MoonPie that I learned at the RC-MoonPie Festival in 2004.

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