It’s Bloody Balmy!

The two most loyal readers of my blog took notice of a recent post about my dry skin. As a result, Sheila and Nancy sent me some hand cream they had heard about.

 I feel a little self-conscious about using Hardworker’s Hand Cream. My job is time-consuming but it’s not that hard. I mostly use computers and push buttons on audio equipment. The product label says it’s for carpenters, cement workers, painters, auto mechanics, gardeners, and extreme weather workers.

My friends generously sent a tin for each hand. So far, I have not been able to determine which tin contains the left-handed cream and which contains the right-handed cream. I will have to mark them “L” and “R” once I figure it out.

 I didn’t waste any time before applying the hand cream. Look closely and you’ll see that I’m wearing a Band-Aid. I scraped my dry knuckle on something normally harmless this morning and it began to bleed quickly.

As I think about the sisters’ thoughtful gift, I realized that they probably do think I fall under one of the Hardworker’s Hand Cream categories. They also sent me a wonderful fig tree, which technically makes me a “gardener.”

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