Glazer Pointer

The Weigel’s store in LaFollette sells a grilled cheese sandwich made with a glazed doughnut. I learned about the “Sweet Glazer” on their Facebook page as I was preparing to do a remote broadcast from the store.

When I got to the store, Roni offered to let me sample a Sweet Glazer. She said that they had started adding bacon or ham to the sandwich. I chose bacon.

She started by slicing a plain doughnut and placing the sliced side down. Roni applied some sugary glaze and put slices of cheese on what used to be the outside of the doughnut. She put bacon slices on top of the cheese.

Roni closed the sandwich and put it on the panini press. She applied glaze to the outside, which used to be the inside of the doughnut. It was ready in a few minutes.

I asked Roni to cut the Sweet Glazer into four pieces instead of two. It made it easier to eat and easier to share with my colleague Todd Roberts, who was there to assist me with the remote broadcast.

As we ate the Glazer, I told young Todd a story about the late Jermaine Stewart. One year, the pop singer was the headliner at Adams-Morgan Day in Washington. Don Geronimo, Mike O’Meara and I went to his trailer to meet him before the WAVA morning deejays would introduce him on stage. Stewart was not yet dressed for the show. An assistant delivered a Big Mac to him. I’ll never forget Stewart, clad only in briefs, looking at the Big Mac and saying, “That’s too big! Just give me half!”

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