Funnel Vision

“Mama Jane” Harris has revealed her newest creation via social media. It’s the Funnel Cake Bacon Cheeseburger. I don’t have to imagine what it must taste like. I already know.

I saw Mama Jane on opening day of the Tennessee Valley Fair in September. She told me that she had special ordered smaller funnel cake rings and that the rings would be delivered to her in Knoxville a couple of days later. She urged me to come back to the fair for a sample, with the understanding that the news was embargoed until 2015.

On September 9, I went to the fair during my lunch break. Mama Jane specifically asked that I stop by on Tuesday because it’s usually a little less crowded than other times. When I got there, Jane went to her RV to retrieve the package with the recently-arrived custom-made rings.

  Jane got a burger and some bacon from another one of The Best Around food booths. We walked back to her booth where she poured two funnel cakes that were the size of hamburger buns.

  She dipped the small funnel cakes in a sugary glaze. She then placed the burger and the bacon between the buns. I opted to leave off the cheese. I did get ketchup and mustard.

  We stood in the space behind Jane’s concession booth to take a selfie. Because the product was still a prototype, we couldn’t ask anyone else to take the photo. Jane took a picture of me as I devoured the delicious burger.

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