Faulty Seasoning

Before the Christmas season ends on Sunday, I dialed up some Christmas music on my WiFi clock radio. My wife and I heard some favorites and a few less familiar tunes tonight.

They played “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm,” which mentions the weather but not the holiday. The song reminded me of several secular songs that only get played during Advent. For example, the lyrics of “Winter Wonderland” sound more appropriate for Valentine’s Day song than for Christmas.

Almost all the songs about cold weather and snow would be more fitting during January and February than in December. As is the case with songs that are actually about Christmas, weather-related songs like “Sleigh Ride” and “Baby It’s Cold Outside” disappear on December 26.

It always sounds weird to me when I hear songs such as “Summer Breeze” or “Summer in the City” during the winter months. The same goes for “School’s Out” and several others. I wonder why airplay of those songs isn’t restricted to June, July, and August.

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