Car Pray Diem

Fr. Michael Woods delivered a presentation about the Home Campaign before each of the Masses at All Saints on Sunday. He chose to speak about the fundraising effort before Mass instead of talking about it during his homily. To stay on time, he cut a few hymns and used spoken parts of the Mass rather than the musical versions. As a result, the Mass ended earlier than it usually does.

My wife and I can relate to the theme of the Home Campaign. We participate in a lot of parish activities which makes All Saints feel like home. Fr. Michael is a good friend who is like a family member to us. He offered to show us the construction progress in the parish hall after Mass.

As we walked out of the building, I had no reservations about asking our friend, “Do you have a used car blessing?” Fr. Michael said, “Sure, let me get some water.” He ran back into the church and returned wearing a stole and carrying a bucket of holy water.

On Saturday evening, my wife and I had purchased a used car to replace the vehicle that hit a deer last month. I thought it was a good idea to ask for God’s blessing on Sunday morning. Fr. Michael led us in a prayer. He prayed for my wife and for those she might encounter on the road. He sprinkled holy water on both the inside and outside of the vehicle before dumping the remaining water on the roof.

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