Café Olé

The website for El Cafetalito is entirely in Spanish. I used Google’s translation tool to find out how the site described Café Super. The paragraph read: “It is a blend of premium coffees. It is characterized by its softness and excellent aroma and flavor, prepared with the experience and dedication of over 30 years.”

My wife’s brother and his family live in Guatemala. He traveled to Northern Virginia in December to join his siblings in celebrating their mother’s 90th birthday. He came bearing bags of coffee as gifts.

 I didn’t open the bag of coffee that my brother-in-law gave me until this week. I noticed that it looked quite different from the dark roast Caffè Verona that I usually buy.

  The ground coffee was coarser and lighter in color than typical store-bought coffee. What really matters is the taste and Café Super passed with flying colors.

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