Booyah or Nah?

Because of everything else that happened in December, I almost forgot that my car window came off its track on Christmas Day while I was in the DC area. The same thing had happened to the driver’s side window last summer here in Knoxville.

The cost to get it repaired was prohibitive. Instead, I told the guys at the shop in Knoxville to close the window permanently and disconnect the switch.

Obviously, I couldn’t drive all the way home with the window slightly open. I found a repair shop near my son’s apartment in Maryland and had them permanently close the passenger’s side window.

While we waited for the car to be fixed, my son and I walked to a nearby discount store, where I was able to purchase some pfeffernüsse at post-Christmas prices. Elsewhere in the store, I saw a wall full of DVDs in the “buyouts” section.

 They had dozens and dozens of ESPN SportsCenter Year in Review 2006 discs. I can understand why nobody was buying them. I don’t know why the store was trying to sell the eight-year-old DVDs. Maybe they should have put a sticker on there to remind me that it was the year of George Mason’s Final Four appearance.

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