Yes, Whey

Protein powder was on sale at Complete Nutrition on Black Friday. I was there to do a remote broadcast and decided to do a little shopping too. I bought a canister of the chocolate peanut butter flavored powder with the intention of drinking a shake after working out at Koko FitClub.

I found that I enjoyed the shakes after my late-night workouts. I was reminded of the Carnation Instant Breakfast drinks that my family sometimes had when I was a kid. It didn’t take long before I decided to have one of the shakes for breakfast on a day when I had an early meeting.

I listen to recordings of chief fitness officer Michael Wood or master fit coach Paul Romeo while I’m on the treadmill. One of the lessons that Wood has taught me is to drink at least 17 ounces of water first thing in the morning. It speeds up your metabolism for several hours.

On the morning that I drank a protein shake for breakfast, I had three types of liquid in front of me: water, coffee and the protein shake. I had another idea, perhaps inspired by a past experiment of mixing coffee and instant oatmeal. Why not combine two of the liquids to save time?

I measured 14 ounces of coffee and added a scoop of protein powder. I decided it would be better to put the hot coffee in a glass container instead of the plastic Cyclone Cup I had received as a free gift with purchase of the protein powder.

The powder mixed easily into the coffee. There was no need to add milk or sugar to the mixture. The protein powder already had whey and sweetener in it.

The taste of the finished product reminded me of a mocha latte but with a fraction of the calories and at a fraction of the cost. I liked it well enough to make the mixture several more times in the past couple of weeks. The photos shown here are from my most recent effort.

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