The Mane Event

The management company for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra didn’t just give me good seats for the band’s Knoxville concert on Wednesday, they gave me great seats. My wife and I had seats on the floor of Thompson-Boling Arena, in the center of the tenth row.

Before the concert, I wondered if I would need earplugs. I didn’t. The volume was just right.

When the music started, I was impressed with how perfectly the sound was mixed. The show is also a visual treat with video images, lasers, flames, cranes and more.

The men and women in the show took hair-shaking to another level. Sevearal of the singers and guitarists whipped their hair in time to the music.

Throughout the show, flames shot out from various parts of the stage. From our seats, we could feel the heat on our cheeks. I can only imagine how hot it felt to those in the front row.

In addition to tickets, the management gave us backstage passes to meet the band after the show. My wife and I gushed like groupies when we spoke to the talented musicians. We saw the “East coast” tour. The “West coast” half of TSO was in Atlanta that night.

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