Serial to Go

A long car drive gave me the opportunity to get caught up on episodes of Serial. The program has garnered a lot of attention in the radio industry. The podcast is produced by the radio show This American Life. Some experts debated whether or not to call it a radio show. The general consensus was that listeners consider it to be radio even if it was never broadcast over the air.

The host, Sarah Koenig, used the F word in the first episode. I think she could have found a different way of making her point but I suspect she wanted to emphasize the fact that she was on the Internet and not on the regular radio.

I wondered about the music from the show and intended to look it up when I got to my computer.

I posed the question on Twitter, so it makes sense that I found the answer on Twitter.

The main theme of Serial is called “Bad Dream.” You can listen to it here:

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