Pt Cruising

One of my radio dreams came true this week when a box arrived in the mail. Actually two boxes arrived, one for WNOX and one for me.

Many of my friends who have been program directors or music directors received commemorative gold records for artists whose songs they played on the air. Now I have some too.

After my interview with Trans-Siberian Orchestra founder Paul O’Neill, he offered to send me some tour jackets and platinum records. His management company followed through with the jackets and platinum records for The Lost Christmas Eve and Night Castle.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra tunes have been on the playlist almost everywhere I’ve worked since the late ’90s. I even used their tunes as bumper music on my show at the talk-formated Comedy World Radio Network in 2000. To say I’m excited to have the platinum records is an understatement. I’m absolutely thrilled.

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