Parking and Tickets

It sounds odd, but a scarcity of parking in downtown Knoxville worked to my advantage on Friday night.

My wife and I drove downtown earlier in the afternoon to take a three-hour ride with Knox Brew Tours. After the tour, we walked to Theatre Knoxville Downtown with the intention of buying tickets to The Game’s Afoot. David Snow of Einstein Simplified is playing a part in the production.

The 8:00 p.m. performance was already sold out but some theatre-goers had not yet arrived. The staff said we could wait until showtime to see if any seats were available. When we returned from the restrooms, the ticket seller was on the phone. A patron was calling to cancel their reservations. They were unable to find a parking space and were slowed by street closures due to a Christmas parade. We got their seats with enough time for me to send a tweet to Dave Snow.

The play is about a group of actors who star in a play about Sherlock Holmes in 1936. When a real crime occurs, the actor who plays Holmes tries to solve the mystery by inviting his castmates to a Christmas Eve party at his Connecticut home. To their dismay, he also invites a theatre critic who has given all of them bad reviews. The story is a comedy but not at the expense of the satisfying whodunit.

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