Monday Morning Blues

Cyber Monday did not go as planned for my family.

My wife and son have been looking to upgrade their smartphones for some time. They were waiting to see what kind of discount they could get on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

We found an attractive deal that was to go on sale at 3:00 a.m. Monday and last until they ran out of stock. My wife and I set alarms for 2:59 a.m. and put our computers beside our bed. Our son did the same thing at his apartment in Maryland.

The website appeared to take our order but then continued to show a symbol that made it look like it was processing the information. My wife had to give up and go to work around 6:30. I left my computer up and running with the symbol for over six hours. I tried to get a little more rest while still checking on the site every few minutes.

I looked on Facebook and Twitter to discover that others were having the same problem. Around 10:00 a.m., I contacted the company through the chat function on their site. They told me the problem was widespread and that I should erase my browser’s cache and cookies and try later.

The three of us were out of sorts all day due to lack of sleep. In the evening, my son was able to connect to the site only to discover that the particular model of phone was sold out. He and my wife settled for a slightly cheaper model which is still better than their current phones.

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