Doing the Appy Dance

David Dwyer’s portrayal of Drosselmeyer in the Appalachian Ballet Company’s 2013 production of The Nutcracker inspired me to add some business on stage when I played the character in Oak Ridge this year. I was even more attentive to his performance when my wife and I attended this year’s show on Saturday.

We purchased the tickets in a silent auction benefiting Blount County Birth to Three. At the time, we thought we were buying a voucher that could be redeemed for any show. When we won the auction, we opened the envelope and discovered that the tickets were for Sunday afternoon. We already had a commitment for that day. My wife called the Appalachian Ballet and explained our dilemma. Fortunately, they let us exchange our Sunday tickets for Saturday evening’s show.

During intermission, we bought a Drosselmeyer ornament just like the one pictured in a set of four. I imagine that someone else must have purchased the other three and left poor Drosselmeyer to be sold alone. Like last year, they sold a pair of worn-out toe-shoes signed by the lead ballerina. The beat-up shoes illustrate how hard the dancers work even though they make it look effortless.

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