A Bolly Good Fellow

 A red carpet lined with balloons led the way to Alex Notte’s Bollywood-themed 21st birthday party. The balloons had small blinking lights inside, which looked very cool against the dark night. I was curious enough to look up light-up balloons when I got home. One of the brands is called Glo-loons.

 My friend Fr. Michael Woods also attended the party. Alex’s dad called on Fr. Michael to offer a blessing, which he did. Fr. Michael was inclusive of all faiths while still acknowledging the upcoming celebration of Christmas.

  The guests enjoyed several Indian dishes. My favorites were the mango chicken and the delicious naan, which is a type of bread. One of the partygoers correctly accused me of being a foodie when I took pictures of the trays right after the covers were removed but before the buffet line opened.

Of course there was birthday cake. I also tried a spicy brownie, which was really good. It looked like a regular brownie but it had cayenne pepper and cinnamon in it.

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