Top-Notch Mallow

 If Frank Jr. is lucky, there will still be a homemade scotchmallow or two left when he visits for Thanksgiving. My wife and I have every intention of saving some for him but the temptation to eat them could be too strong.

 About ten days ago, my friend Kathy and her daughter Karie gave me several of their homemade marshmallows. They told me that they were working on homemade caramel. Once they perfected it, they would stack the treats and cover them in chocolate. to replicate one of my all-time favorites, the See’s Scotchmallow. On Monday, Kathy’s husband Keith brought me about ten of their homemade scotchmallows.

 The confections are absolutely delicious. I popped one in my mouth right away when Keith delivered the candies. The next day, I cut one in half, not only to see the beautiful interior but to savor each half separately.

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