SEAL the Deal

Former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill wouldn’t comment on Zero Dark Thirty when I asked him about it last month. After the interview, I told a few co-workers that I thought I might have just spoken with the man who killed Osama bin Laden. He had called to promote his appearance at the Best of Blount Awards, which were held tonight.

Today, O’Neill revealed that he had, in fact, killed bin Laden during the military raid on May 2, 2011. The news was supposed to break next week but it leaked out yesterday and was confirmed by O’Neill today.

In case you missed it, here is the audio file of my interview. Skip to the 11:44 mark to hear me ask O’Neill about the movies Lone Survivor and Captain Phillips. When I said, “You were on two different missions that were made into movies,” O’Neill responded, “At least!”

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