Scruff and Ready

The logo for the inaugural Scruffy City Comedy Festival incorporates the image of Patrick Sullivan’s Saloon, even though the bar has been closed for years. The old joint played a pivotal role in the Knoxville comedy scene.

When festival organizer Matt Ward moved to Knoxville, he saw Einstein Simplified perform at Patrick Sullivan’s. The troupe had at least two long runs there. We moved from Manhattan’s to Sullivan’s shortly after I joined the troupe in 2002 and performed there every Tuesday until August, 2010. Ward started performing and booking other stand-up comics at Patrick Sullivan’s, which explains why it holds a special place in his heart too.

On Tuesday, Matt opened for Einstein Simplified at Scruffy City Hall. We had stand-up comics open for us every week for the past month in order to help promote the Scruffy City Comedy Festival, which starts Thursday in multiple venues downtown.

Einstein Simplified will do a free show on Saturday at 7:00 p.m. in Scruffy City Hall as part of the festival. Most other shows cost $5 or $8. All-access festival passes are available for $15.

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