Party Like It’s 1899

Rebecca Stansfield, whose daughter Emily dances with the Oak Ridge Civic Ballet Association, shared her excellent photos with the cast and crew via OneDrive. There are so many great photos I want to share, it was hard to choose. Here are six fun shots from the party scene during Sunday’s performance. Several of the dancers played different roles in Saturday’s shows.

The photos to the left show me checking the magic book for instructions on how to make the masquerade doll appear. The maids are played by Madeline Gavin and Megan Fancher. Once the doll, played by Elizabeth Cousins, appears, I tried to  make her dance before remembering to wind her up with a big gold key that Herr Stahlbaum, played by Dr. Brandon Cottrell, had been holding. I magically controlled the two cantiniere dolls as if they were marionettes connected to my wand. Those dolls were played by Zoe Tobin and Ethan Rickman.

After the life-size dolls dance, Drosselmeyer gives the Nutcracker to his goddaughter Clara. On Sunday, Clara was played by Carinne Cheney. Her brother Fritz was played by Thomas Peplow in all four shows. Fritz breaks the doll, which Drosselmeyer repairs. The kids play some more and then the adult guests dance with their spouses. Emily Stansfield is seen in the green dress. She played Clara in Saturday afternoon’s show. My dance partner was the masquerade doll. I slung her over my shoulder when it was time for Drosselmeyer to leave the party.

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