Fine and Mallow

Because KLOS is only a tenth of a mile away from a See’s Candies factory on La Cienega Boulevard, the wonderful aroma of chocolate would often greet me when I arrived at work at the radio station. The closer it was to a holiday, the earlier they would start cooking in the morning.

My favorite See’s confection is the Scotchmallow. It consists of caramel topped with marshmallow and enrobed in dark chocolate.

My friend Kathy and her daughter Karie told me not to leave church too quickly on Sunday. They had a surprise for me in the car. I knew from past experience that it was likely to be something very good.

 They are working on their own recipe for a homemade caramel, marshmallow and chocolate treat. So far, they’ve perfected the marshmallow and the chocolate dipping process. The next step will be to get the caramel to their high standards and to combine the three flavors.

Kathy and Karie gave me six of their homemade marshmallows and six more that had been dipped in chocolate. The marshmallows are light and fluffy and the chocolate is rich and satisfying.

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