Fig Week, Fig Strong

Happy National Fig Week! Although I am a huge fan of figs, I was surprised to learn that the first week of November is National Fig Week.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to call it National Dried Fig Week. Valley Fig Growers, which sells dried figs and other fig products, explains it on their website: “November finds California’s fresh fig season winding down and dried fig season on the upswing.”

My fig tree doesn’t seem to realize that it’s November. I harvested one ripe fig on October 14. At the time, I noticed one green fig still on the tree. On Monday, I discovered a second green fig.

The temperature dipped just below freezing over the weekend. Some of the leaves on the highest branches showed signs of frost damage. I removed those leaves and a few more in the hope that it would help the two figs ripen before cold weather settles in and stays. It would be nice to triple my first fig crop before Thanksgiving.

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