Ballet Selfie

The piece of music stuck in my head on Friday night was the finale of act II of The Nutcracker. For some reason, my Nutcracker earworms tend to be the parts right before my character goes on, as opposed to the parts when I am actually doing something on stage.

On Thursday evening, a photojournalist from WATE-TV recorded about 20 minutes worth of the Oak Ridge Civic Ballet Association’s dress rehearsal. They can use the footage on Saturday morning at 9:45 when I will be interviewed in-studio by Mona Nair.

On Friday morning, we performed a shortened version of the ballet for an audience of school kids on a field trip. The show went well, which meant that Friday night’s rehearsal was more relaxed. We focused on the scenes with the three professional guest dancers, Courtney Dressner, Mark Burns and Grant Howard.

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