Worth a Fig

The very first thing I did upon returning from a weekend trip was check on my fig tree. I was examining it while my wife was still parking the car in the garage.

On Friday, I was worried that my single fig would ripen while I was out of town and that a bird or other creature would eat it. I wrapped the branch with cheesecloth and hoped for the best.

The weather was bad while I was gone. Fortunately the rain seemed to help the tree. I didn’t see any signs of wind damage. The cheesecloth was still in place when I returned.

I was elated to see that my fig was a rich brown color. It had started to droop from its own weight, which meant the time was right for picking.

I resisted the urge to pop the whole fig in my mouth. Instead, I took small bites to make the experience last longer. The inside of the fig was a beautiful red color which illustrates that figs are actually inverted flowers. In botanical terms, the fruits of the fig plant are the seeds, which are a type of drupes. I had never heard of drupes before today.

There is still one small green fig on my tree. I don’t know if it will ripen or disappear like several of the others. I’ll keep an eye on it and I may wrap it in cheesecloth if it starts to get bigger. There’s not much time left before the tree will drop its leaves.

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