Seal of Approval

Former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill has received over fifty-two decorations for his distinguished service, including two Silver Stars for extraordinary gallantry in action against an enemy of the United States. O’Neill will be the keynote speaker at the Blount Chamber’s Best of Blount Awards on November 6.

O’Neill was the team that rescued fellow SEAL Marcus Luttrell in Afghanistan. That mission was made into a movie called Lone Survivor, which O’Neill praised as an accurate portrayal of Navy SEALS. O’Neill was also on the team that rescued Richard Phillips from Somali pirates. That mission was made into a movie called Captain Phillips. When I asked O’Neill what he thought of Zero Dark Thirty, he refrained from commenting.

The Blount Chamber arranged for me to interview O’Neill and Rob Clapper of Your Grateful Nation, an organization that helps Special Operations officers make the transition from the military to the corporate world. I enjoyed the conversation very much. You can listen to the fifteen-minute interview here:

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