Samples of Service

Leeann Samples’ birthday would have been on Wednesday. Her husband Don created a Facebook event called Leeann Samples Flu Shot Day. Here’s Don’s explanation:

On January 2nd of this year, my healthy, beautiful wife entered the hospital and was admitted into ICU in a medically induced coma because of the FLU. After a long, drawn out battle, she made her final journey on April 14th this year. All because of the FLU. I am now a single dad of two special little girls who very much miss their MOM. I’m asking all my friends to help me honor my beautiful and amazing wife by getting your flu shot on October 29th. Call your doctors office, go to your pharmacy, go to your health department, do what every have have to do but go the 29th and get that shot to honor Leeann Samples. Please share this with your friends and family. This one thing could save your life, it would have saved hers.

I first met Don when he lived in the Washington area. We did a bit on WAVA asking people to call if they had a famous relative. Don called to tell about his cousin, Junior Samples. I became reacquainted with Don and I met Leeann in Knoxville when they came to an Einstein Simplified show on New Year’s Eve 2008.

Don Samples is a videographer for weddings and other events. His business is called Midnight Magic Studios. He recorded my wife singing at a wedding in 2012 and shared the video with me.

 As part of Leeann Samples Flu Shot Day, Don has asked his friends to post selfies of their flu-shot Band-Aids. My wife got her flu shot on Tuesday and sent me her selfie. I will get my shot on Wednesday. When will you get your flu shot?

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