Oyster It Up

The visit of our friend Nancy for the award ceremony on Thursday was more than enough of a reason to have celebratory dinners on consecutive nights. On Wednesday night, we went to Knox Mason. On Thursday, we went to Shuck Raw Bar, but not the one two doors down from Knox Mason. We went to the Bearden location.

My wife and I wanted to save a little money by ordering the house oysters which were on special for $1 each. The waiter urged us to try the Malpeque oysters from Prince Edward Island, which were $17 for a half-dozen. We decided to get six Malpeques and six of the house oysters, which came from the James River. Maybe it’s just me, but the waiter seemed more attentive to us after we accepted his suggestion.

The waiter pointed out the visible difference between the two varieties. The Malpeque shells had a pure white interior while the house oysters had darker shells. We also followed his advice by eating the Malpeques without condiments. They had a perfect oyster taste. I would order them again.

For dinner, I ordered a seafood Cobb salad that included crabmeat, shrimp and bacon. My wife ordered the Shuck salad, which was topped with two fried oysters. Our friend Nancy ordered the Shuck burger, which was also topped with two fried oysters. All three of us were pleased with our meals.

We didn’t have room for dessert and didn’t even look at the dessert menu. If we had, it would have been nearly impossible to resist the salted caramel cake I later saw online.

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