My First, My Last, My Every Fig

 The first fruit on my Brown Turkey fig tree expanded dramatically in size after the rains this week. It was as if the tree was telling me that I hadn’t given it enough water last month. I thought of it as a desert plant and I had been worried about over-watering it.

All but one of the other, smaller figs have disappeared. I don’t know if they fell off the tree or if a bird or a rodent pulled them off.

 I’m worried that some critter will steal my one nearly-ripe fig while I’m asleep or at work. Earlier today, I wrapped that part of the tree in cheesecloth. I used some chip clips I found in the kitchen to hold the cloth in place. I am hopeful the veil acts as a deterrent to the birds and other animals.

  The fruit will turn brown and droop to indicate ripeness. As of today, it was still mostly green and upright. More water might help. It started pouring rain about an hour after I placed the cloth around the branch.

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