Glimmer Swimmer

Walmart store in Bristol, Virginia, has something I haven’t seen in years. They have live tropical fish in tanks that were similar to the displays at the variety stores I remember from childhood. My parents would shop at stores like Woolworth, Kresge, and Caldor. As I recall, those stores had several types of small animals for sale in their pet departments.

One of the tanks at Walmart had GloFish®. I had not previously seen fish that color, nor had I seen fish with a registered trademark. Their shape reminded me of some tropical fish my family had. It’s possible that the GloFish® I saw were related to Zebrafish.

Before we left Walmart, my wife and I saw some signs of autumn. We remarked to each other that McIntosh are the most attractive apples as well as being the best-tasting.

A co-worker of mine recently shared some Brach’s caramel macchiato candy corn with me. I looked to see if there was any of it at Walmart so I could let my wife try some. Not only did I find it, I also found pumpkin spice, caramel, and s’mores candy corn. It was impossible to choose, so we bought one bag of each flavor.

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