Fort Night

There were many great costumes at the 4th annual Hearth Scares Ball at James White’s Fort on Friday night. My favorite, given my morbid sense of humor, was the guy dressed as Ernest Hemingway. He had converted an inflatable pool toy from a dolphin to a marlin.

Earlier in the week, I gave away a few tickets on WNOX. When one of the winners told me her name was Jo, I joked that she could go dressed as one of the Little Women. She said, “How did you know?” I was only kidding but she showed up in Victorian-era garb.


Like last year, the Thriller dancers performed to a medley of Michael Jackson songs. Also like last year, I emceed the costume contest after the Thriller dancers performed.

Alan Williams of WVLT was not eligible to compete in the costume contest because he is on the board of James White’s Fort. He and his wife Rebecca dressed as Austin Powers and Vanessa Kensington.


There were several new things at this year’s Hearth Scares Ball. Live music was provided by The Jaystorm Project. A woman dressed as a witch named Goody Oddcrow told fortunes next to a fire in the hearth of one of the cabins.

Another addition to this year’s event was moonshine sampling. I don’t know if James White made his own whiskey in the 18th century but the Fort is listed on the “White Lightning Trail,” which allows tourists to follow the path of prohibition-era moonshine runners. Sugarlands Shine provided samples of their blackberry and apple pie flavors.

A message on the back of the program told attendees to save the date for next year’s Hearth Scares Ball. It’s scheduled for Friday, October 30, 2015.

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